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As with the birth of the best parrot-centric pet sitting in the Bay Area, Squawk and Howl has expanded to become the doting uncles and aunties to dogs! We love what we do and love all our furry clients. Parrots and Dogs are two extremely social creatures and love to be entertained.

Our clients that have parrots and dogs have always been pleased with our care of their canines, from the tiniest teacup Chihuahua to the biggest Newfoundland. We have offered walks, park time, medicating, and much more for our furry friends.

While we have always specialized in parrots, we also excel at caring for dogs, cats, rodents and fish. For non-social animals (reptiles, fish, cages and aviaries of non-parrot birds like finches), we do offer a 30 minute “drop by” rate. We only offer this to folks without social animals however, because we believe in a higher service than chucking food into a bowl, scooping some poop, and leaving. Learn more about parrots at California parrots.


Bringing Your Pet To Us

Flying your pet to us by travelling

Are you planning to bring your pet to us? Then it is essential that you choose a airplane company that has certain programs in place that would allow your pet a comfortable ride all the way to the destination.

Firstly, check the pet travel rules with your desired airline before booking the flight. This makes sure that you have everything that is required before entering the airport. Most airlines require a pet health certificate and a crate to have your pet it. Do plan ahead and purchase a comfortable pet crate for your animal.

One thing that you must make sure is that your pet has proper meals and drinks before the flight, however they should not have a filling meal right before the flight as this may make them feel very uncomfortable especially during take off and landing. Just make sure you keep your pet happy, well rested and fed before the actual flight.

Purchase the pet crate well before the flight to give your pet time to get use to them as this allows them to feel less scared and stressed during the flight. Give your pet a few days in the presence of the crate to allow them enough time to get used to it.

If you can, book a direct flight on a non crowded day to provide your pet with the least stressful environment for the actual travel. Also, good and cheap travel insurance is important as it can save you on a lot of costs later on in the journey. I won’t go into too much detail on this article but I found travel insurance Singapore guide when searching for a good guide to travel insurance, feel free to visit their website for more information.

When choosing the pet crate, ensure that your pet has enough space to move around and stand up. Also, make sure they can lie down in their natural positions. The most important factor is proper ventilation. It can get harder to breathe at higher altitudes and you do not want to put your precious pets in a uncomfortable position for such extended hours.

Do cable tie the doors when checking in your pets to keep them safe as the doors may sometimes fly open mid flight, putting your pets in harms way.

On the other hand, if you have a service dog, they can accompany you in the passenger cabins. However this must be checked with your flight provider as arrangements have to be made to accommodate the service dogs. Certain rules still applies when taking a service dog on a plane as documentation and certification might be necessary before a service dog is approved to be flown in the passenger cabin.

To keep your pets comfortable, bring along his favourite toys, ball, bone or even frisbee and let them play with it in their crate. You can also give your pet a nice belly rub or a shower before the trip as it will help them in relaxing.

The most important thing is to sit back and enjoy your flight! The airline company is well trained to handle pets on their flights and they would suffer a huge loss in their reputation should anything happen to your pets. So just go on and travel with a peace of mind as they will protect and care for your precious pets.

If you have any specific questions just send us an Email to sfbirdhotel@gmail.com. To find out more about our wonderful San Francisco Bird Hotel  or visit  www.sanfranciscobirdhotel.com

Meet Our Clients

We are proud at our customer satisfaction and repeat rate


Our pet sitting customers love us so much, that we have a 98% repeat rate! And we like to think that the 2% left just haven’t planned another trip or have left the Bay Area

We have literally saved the lives of animals in our care, gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our charges had a great time, were safe, and well cared for- and it shows! Squawk and Howl continues to grow and add new clients to our extended pack/flock each year.

We hire only animal loving, skilled caregivers who are called to care for animals as a vocation. No, we do not hire just anyone- and the hiring process is long and involved and tests knowledge and skill and compassion. 


Arranging for pet sitting is like finding a good vet – its best done in advance and shows that you are a responsible animal caregiver.
 Better to have and not need than to need and not have! 


Prelim visit:  Before we begin care of your animal(s), we visit you in your home. We take copious notes while you tell us all about your friend(s), their health history, and their normal routine. Our prelim visit is a MUST to see the animal interact in its own environment. This helps us to care for your pal in the least intrusive way, allowing us to keep as much of a regular routine as possible. Keeping a routine is key to reducing stress on your pet at this strange time when you are away.  After the prelim visit just email the dates and services required,we email you back, and that’s it! Our clients find it easy to get services once they are set up as a client.Since we keep keys on file or use a lock-box or concierge on each account, we show up when contracted without any extra fuss.

Documents you will receive from us after our prelim visit: 

1. Contract

2.Treatment Authorization in Absentia form

3. Preliminary Questionnaire 

We are professionals: we use Contracts for every contracted job including the specifics in terms of service and pricing and the Treatment Authorization in Absence form. Once you receive them, review them for accuracy. When you have them and they are verified as correct, you are in our scheduled for service. Easy!

Service and payment policy:  All services for first-time pet sitting clients must be pre-paid. Once you are an existing client, you may pay 50% up front and 50% after the services have been rendered. Once we set up your account, you can call us anytime for pet sitting or any other related services you might need.

Scheduling:   One of the reasons for our success is our scheduling policy. We only take a limited amount of clients on any given day, and only assign a handful to any given sitter. This assures that each home gets enough time, even if there is a schedule-derailing emergency ( and hey, sometimes we are just having so much fun with our non-human charges we wanna stay a little longer)

Visits:   For our standard visits  we stay at least an hour and can let you know what we did and how your animal reacted to us/its treatment. We can tell you what they ate, how much, any curious or interesting behaviors, and what medications were administered (if applicable), monitor weight, and much much more.

Our daily pet-sitting services include: 

  • clean, nutritious food that is appropriate for your bird
  • fresh water
  • a safe, bird-proofed place to get out of their cage
  • supervised flight and exercise, climbing, wing flapping, games
  • handling and training (if desired)
  • cage liner change & poop/organic waste removal
  • organic, fresh diets &/or treats, or new toys (optional and extra)
  • as many showers or baths as your bird desires

Special services:

  • complete cage renovation: steam cleaning, disinfection, rehabbed with new toys, perches, etc.
  • cage, perch, and toy cleaning (we use avian safe cleaners)
  • toy rotation
  • hand feeding of babies
  • daily weigh-ins
  • medication administration

Tell us about your needs and we will meet and exceed them.

Special Offers

Squawk and Howl Special Offers: 


At Squawk and Howl, we have seen many fly-by-night pet sitting operations come and go. Most are well-meaning individuals who think it is “easy” work caring for pets. But at Squawk and Howl, we have been professionally taking care of your home and animals since 2004. We go the extra mile to ensure the well-being and care of your family and possessions in a way that no non-reputable service can.  We are pet professionals! We know that doing a good job for you means a lot more than chucking food in a dish and scooping some poop while you are away!

Often, we are who a client turns to after a bad pet sitting experience. Yes,we charge more than some services. But we assure you, it is worth it! To help folks make ends meet in these tight times (and still be able to afford quality pet care) we offer you some specials.